Welcome to Angels Farm Pottery and the Pottery Slowdown

A pottery retreat where potters come to develop their throwing skills with the help and support of potter Jo Osman, and her apprentices Lyndsey, Derek and Yoko. Feast on Jo’s delicious breakfasts and biscuits and Penny’s fabulous lunches.

Our 2022 courses are fully booked and our cancellation list is now closed.  2023 courses will be available to book from September 2022 and will be advertised via our sign up newsletter in the first instance. In order to allow time for making our own pots we are unable to add additional courses in 2022.

We have a small showroom in the studio with a range of functional and decorative stoneware and porcelain available to buy. You are always welcome to visit the pottery, but it is best to give us a call if you are travelling her specially.

The studio and garden will be open during Hampshire Open Studios in August when we will have a wide range of pots available to buy.


The Pottery
Slow Down

Weekend Pottery Courses

Join us for a residential pottery weekend. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced potter, you will be able to slow down and enjoy your time here. You can be yourself and create things in clay which express who you really are.

The weekend will give you time to make pots on the wheel and hand build with clay. People find it peaceful here… it is full of birds and flowers. The open Forest is only ten minutes walk away, offering inspiration and opportunity to walk and discover. Local cafés and pubs offer quality local produce for your evening meals and entertainment.

Jo Osman – potter

Angels Farm Pottery was established in 1974 by me, Jo Osman. I trained at West Surrey College of Art and Design after spending three years teaching pottery in California. Whilst at college I spent six months with Gwyn Hansen in France who taught me my workshop skills and gave me the attention to detail necessary for good potting.

Over the years I have used a variety of clays and firing techniques but have settled on reduced stoneware to produce functional usable pots. Having grown up a farmers daughter here at Angels Farm my decoration and shapes are reflections of a peaceful and slow way of life. I hope my pots transmit a little of that peace.

Whilst I have exhibited my work I prefer people to come to the pottery to buy my pots. In recent years I pot less and teach more. I have taught many generations of village children to enjoy clay and its opportunity for self expression. I have taught adults since 1974 and have several vibrant weekly classes, people come not just for the clay but for the slow down…  a chance to escape from their high speed lives.

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